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Awayco is the e-commerce solution powering retail leaders of tomorrow.  Awayco is a an e-commerce engine built for large multi-channel retailers to unify all aspects of the emerging e-commerce landscape, integrate their e-commerce infrastructure, and become leaders in their industries.
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The future is “Retail 3.0”


US $27 Trillion Market by 2027. Consumers want to unify their physical, online and virtual lives and want to purchase and consume seamlessly on any device, in any channel.


US $2 Trillion Market by 2025: Sustainability and affordability conscious consumers living in crowded cities want to access products as an alternative to owning them, and recognise the need for the Planet to evolve into a more sustainable model based on conserving, not consuming, finite retail products.



US$757 Billion Market by 2026. Consumers are shifting behaviour from physical to online and then to virtual retail and want to inhabit, consume and populate their virtual worlds with retail products in digital form.

US $18 Billion Market by 2028Consumers identify with brands and experiences, and retailers who are able to capture repeat or relational behaviour rather than relying on single transaction customers winning in the new retail environment.

Get your e-commerce roadmap on track

Many of the world’s leading retailers are not technology native. Awayco’s team of experts can help you reduce vendor complexity so technology serves your business and your management can focus on commercial goals. We specialise in speaking clearly and making the complex understandable. Our project, product and engineering managers engage with your team to:

understand your goals
diagnose where you are today
benchmark where you’re going 
define and track
a plan to help you succeed
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Achieve e-commerce leadership in your industry

Awayco software is designed to help our customers grow e-commerce sales to above industry benchmarks. Our award winning technology gets your entire retail infrastructure, from physical stores to your websites on any platform to marketplaces and social channels, speaking the same language and working from a single data source. Our system is built to be infrastructure “agnostic”, working via a suite of “headless” Application Programming Interfaces powering  your business, whatever type of retail POS, inventory, customer or financial systems you run. We provide world-class support to optimise your existing infrastructure to ensure your whole retail “orchestra” is playing together, in tune, from the same score.
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Serve the customer where they are going

Once Awayco has optimised your e-commerce we add from our menu of components that work with our middleware to enhance your e-commerce stack. This includes POS, loyalty, click and collect, promotions, augmented reality, rental and bookings, subscription, marketplace and treasury modules. We integrate everything for you into a single seamless e commerce “stack” and can build custom modules to specification to meet your specialized business needs.
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Deliver a world-class customer experience

The future of retail is about serving emerging customer needs. Awayco ensures your customers are at the center of your e-commerce strategy and have a unified experience however they want to transact. When you’re ready to launch, we ensure the systems run seamlessly so you can ensure your customer always comes first.
  • understand your goals
  • diagnose where you are today
  • benchmark where you’re going and track a plan to help you succeed

Meet your e-commerce partner

E-commerce is a $30 Trillion opportunity dominated by large technology providers. Yet the industry is evolving faster than these companies can adapt their technologies, creating gaps that might be holding your business back. Awayco gives your business an edge by providing scalable e-commerce infrastructure that can power any third party integration and keep you at the forefront of your industry where innovation, reliability and return on investment really matters.

Our Success Stories

Shopify, Pronto, Zendesk, Oracle
Since bringing all our e-commerce projects under Awayco our e-commerce sales have grown above 15% of our total business.
Eddie Choi
Avenues SF coffee shop
Awayco brings in traffic, starts conversations, provides an additional revenue stream, and has connected us to their extensive network within the industry. Operationally, it's as easy as it comes.
Dicky Kasim
Boardriders Echo Beach
Having Awacy not only helps us introduce our products to people around the world but also acts as a tool to increase sales

Awayco - E Commerce

Awayco unifies your e-commerce. Our software works seamlessly with the world’s leading point of sale, web, customer, loyalty, inventory and financial solutions giving your customers a beautiful and reliable experience on any device. The Awayco backbone enables your business to stay at the forefront of innovation in retail software.
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How It Works For Your Customers


Awayco makes your products the hero, ensuring they appear beautifully curated and merchandised on any device.

Purchase, Reserve or Subscribe

Customers have options to click and collect at any retail location, click and deliver to their home, select promotions and special offers, and make orders for recurring or subscription offers.


Awayco integrates with your social and affiliate channels offering a single engine to power your e-commerce


Awayco maintains your inventory ledger across store and distribution centers in any country, ensuring your customers receive products quickly and frictionlessly and can return or swap without hassle


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