5 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations

Sure, your dream surf trip is probably a tropical destination with easy, perfect waves. But that’s everyone else’s dream, too. So, for those who prefer a little adventure over bumping rails with the global surf crowd, we thought we’d compile a few of our favorite off the beaten path surf destinations around the world. 

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Glance at a map of Nova Scotia’s coastline and you’ll clearly see the potential to score — it’s littered with coves and points. You’ll want to set yourself up in Lawrencetown, just a 30-min drive from the Halifax airport. Find all the gear you need from East Coast Surf School,  which was founded by the province’s first professional surfer and all-around good dude, Nico Manos. If you want a shortboard, there’s a lot of Haydenshapes to go around, including the Hypto Krypto, Holy Grail, and Misc, which will serve you well in the area’s many pointbreaks. If you’re a beginner, the Torq Longboard will be your best option.  

Nova Scotia_01

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is a small coastal town in the Oregon. You’ll recognize the iconic Haystack Rock from every Sunset magazine you’ve ever seen. It’s a common getaway spot for Portland residents, as it’s just an hour and a half away by car. Though the beach can be crowded, the lineup is usually not., thanks to the chilly water. (Bring your warmest suit.) You can get boards from Cleanline Cannon Beach, which has served the PNW surf community since 1980. Try the …Lost Surfboards Puddle Jumper if looking to shred, or a Firewire TJ Pro if you want to trim (and match the trees).

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv’s Klinika Surf Shop is (for now) the only Awayco affiliate on the Mediterranean Sea.  Located outside the marina in the heart of the city, it’s a great place to experience Israel’s growing surf scene. The shop has a healthy mix of foamies and standard shortboards. An 8’ Catch Surf Log will get you waves on even the (wind) sloppiest of days. And when it’s bigger, opt for the Inter Surf Fish.  

Tel Aviv

Edinburgh, Scotland

For those willing to brave the elements of the Atlantic or North Sea, there are some truly beautiful, uncrowded waves in Scotland. Freeze Pro Shop in Edinburgh provides a base of operations for these strike missions with a small quiver of Mayhems available to you through Awayco. These boards are made with the more eco-friendly LibTech construction, a thermo pressure fusion process that makes a durable and lightweight board. Try the Quiver Killer or the Short Round

Paredon, Guatemala

Nicaragua was the next Costa Rica, then came El Salvador. And now we can welcome Guatemala to the Central American surf party! If you’re looking for an authentic Latin American surf trip with uncrowded beachbreak barrels, look no further than Paredon, Guatemala. Fly into Guatemala City and drive two and a half hours to Villas Tortuga, Awayco’s local partner that offers expansive suites match their high-quality rental quiver. Rob Machado’s Go Fish is a deep swallowtail built for speed and helps you outrun the beachbreak sections on offer just steps from your villa. For a good do-everything thruster, the JS Monsta 8 HYFI works well in the barrel and on the open face.


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