Anna Ehrgott, Awayco’ing in Portugal

Traveling with longboards is the norm for professional surfer Anna Ehrgott. But on her last trip with clothing brand prAna, she decided to try something different. Anna hopped on Awayco and browsed the selection of boards at her destination — Ericeira, Portugal — and quickly found the perfect craft.  

“It was a 9’4 Mangiagli log,” she said. “I prefer heavily-glassed, single-fin longboards and was so stoked to see that board available on Awayco.”

She traveled from L.A. to Lisbon with just a carry-on, an experience she described as “liberating,” and found her way to our partner shop, Magic Quiver in Ericeira, “The store itself is a lot like the name,” she said. “Magical, and complete with an eclectic quiver of surfboards for sale and Awayco.”

She picked up the Mangiagli from Magic and headed up the coast. As you can see, she surfed, and surfed well. But as with any surf trip, it’s not always about the surf. Recounting what made her time in Ericeira so special, she shared this:

“I got to Ericeira pretty early in the morning and got to walk the beach path and through the main street before the town really woke up. It was quiet and quaint at that hour and the bluffs overlooked clear water with rock reefs creating fun setups for waves. We surfed a short drive up the coast in a more natural area with yellow cliffs and greenery all around. The town is built on classic cobblestone streets with delicious bakeries and an interesting mix of travelers from all over the planet. I shared waves, meals and conversations with folks from England, New Zealand, Slovenia, Germany and Argentina. I think that’s a testament to how special that zone is. People from all over are drawn in.”  

Thanks for sharing your #boardlesstravel success story, Anna!

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All photos by @matejcebulec

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