Awayco Go: Balinese Freedom

Dasha Nosova and Vlad Khadarin are no strangers to last-minute strike missions. As a professional photographer (Dasha) and Olympic level snowboarder (Vlad), this power couple has been to all corners of the frozen earth in the name of “work.” 

But this trip was about play. And since both Dasha and Vlad have fallen in love with surfing in the past couple of years, they decided to squeeze in a last-second trip to Bali before they headed back to the snow. After discovering Awayco in California earlier this year, they decided to travel light, and Awayco upon arrival.

“I enjoyed every second of walking through the airport without boardbags,” Dasha said. “I had zero stress about boards getting damaged, and it was real nice to have an option to choose different boards instead of bringing just one from home.”

They booked boards from both Chilli Surfboards Canggu and Rapture Surf Camp Padang. Dasha enjoyed riding the Haydenshapes Untitled, a board Awayco members seem to be liking more and more.

“The Chilli Rare Bird 6’2” was sick!” Vlad said. “We surfed Uluwatu, Kuta and Padang Padang, but I think Airport Lefts was my favorite spot from this trip.”

Along with friends from Moscow, Dasha and Vlad whipped around the island on motorcycles, soaking up the warm Indian ocean waters, devouring all the beach, Bintangs and nasi goreng they could handle. 

They left the Island of the Gods with hearts and bellies full, able to turn their attention back to the snow…for now.

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