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Hawaii lies 2,467 miles from Los Angeles and 5,100 miles from Sydney, thousands of miles that lead to a Pacific island chain not just rich in waves, but in culture. Surfing, as a lifestyle and sport, was born here. 

You were probably born somewhere else. But that’s OK, you can still visit! And whatever your vision of the perfect Hawaiian surf vacation — cruising in Waikiki or challenging the North Shore’s powerful waves — Awayco has a growing list of partner locations with quivers to match Hawaii’s diversity of waves.

The Kekoa Collective has you covered.

Oahu Grab ‘n’ Go

If you’re looking to hit the ground running from the Honolulu airport, try the Kekoa Collective. Located on Ala Moana Blvd, the shop has a plethora of choices from the Firewire and Slater Designs families. 

The 9’4” Firewire Wingnut Noserider is a smooth single fin log that’s sure to keep your wave count high on the South Shore.   

Want something more high-performance? Try the Slater Designs Sci-Fi. With a wide bat tail and Linear Flex Tech, this board is built for speed, and can handle waves from waist high to double overhead.  

Stoke House Waikiki
The name says it all.

Just 2.5 miles down the road from Kekoa, the aptly named Stoke House Waikiki has some beautiful boards. One of our favorites comes from San Francisco-based shaper Danny Hess, who has created a unique skin technology combining wood and EPS foam, as seen in The Traveler, his swallowtail quad model.

If you’re looking for bigger surf at Sunset Beach, the Travis Reynolds Obi-Wan Kenobi will give you extra paddle power and you can get more control with a quad-fin setup. 

Photo by Trevor Moran

North Shore Versatility

If you’re going to visit Oahu’s North Shore this winter, Eric Arakawa Surfboards has options for when it’s small up to double overhead plus. The shop is located in the iconic Waialua Sugar Mill, a short jaunt from all the breaks in between Haleiwa and Sunset Beach. 

When you’re looking to push yourself (over a ledge), try the 7’0 Stun Gun. A rounded pin with plenty of paddle power that can make all the difference taking at waves like Haleiwa, big Lanis, Pipe and Sunset.

On smaller days, try a board from the Amplifier XO Series. Regarded as the premier high-performance board by the Arakawa team, its extended concave through the middle and accentuated tail lift allows this board to fly through turns. 

Eric Arakawa Surfboards
Premium surfboards by a legendary shaper — what more can you ask for?

Maui Vacation

Let’s say you’re on a family vacation on Maui, staying in Lahaina area. You didn’t bring boards ’cause you brought strollers, but Honolua is breaking and you have a few hours to sneak away. 

From Stoke House Lahaina, it’s a 20 minute drive north to Honolua Bay. When it’s really firing, you’ll want a board with a little more volume. Kazama’s 6’ Fugo is a performance thruster perfect for critical drops and performance surfing at Honolua and beyond.

When the swell is down, Kazuma’s Fish works well in the small but playful waves near the Lahaina Harbor. With the volume up front and drawn out rails, the board helps you carry speed through turns. 

Wherever you end up in the Rainbow State, know your limits, respect the locals and have fun!

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