Awayco Go: Tofino, Canada

Tofino, Canada makes you feel small in the best possible way. The weather is unpredictable, the water is cold and the beaches are lined with pieces of driftwood more accurately described as drifttrees. The place is grand. And while most dream of surf trips in Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia or some other tropical paradise, there’s a certain breed that wants a little adventure. Even if it means slipping into some head-to-toe rubber. For those people, Tofino is the promised land.

Professional surfer Alex Smith and Jennifer Yih are two such people. On a recent shoot for Imperial Motion, the two flew to Tofino in a small plane — one that doesn’t take kindly to hefty board bags — and arrived in Canada’s favorite surf escape ready to get wetsuited and booted. But since they traveled without boards, they first stopped by Storm Surf Shop, on the town’s main drag, to pick up some shred sleds.

“It was so nice to travel light all the way from Hawaii,” said Alex. “But what was even better was finding boards I’ve been wanting to ride for years. It spiced the whole trip up for me.” 

Storm Surf Shop, which has been owned and operated by local surfers for more than 20 years, hosts a diverse Awayco quiver that includes shapes from Channel Islands, …Lost, Album, Trimcraft, Hobie and more.

The boards were great, of course. But beyond that, Jen remembers, “The great surf, amazing landscape and good food. Not to mention the people. I’m so appreciative to share waves and smiles with everyone!”

"Nice board, Alex."
"You, too, Alex."

Alex was similarly moved by the people and place.

“My visit to Tofino was one of the coolest surf trips I’ve been on,” he said. “The waves were super fun and the people we met were so accommodating. It’s a special place. I can’t wait to go back…

…and yes, I’ll definitely use Awayco every time I go.” 

Aw, shucks. Thanks Alex.

Want to see the boards Alex and Jen used in Tofino? Click here.  

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