Awayco Members Raise Thousands To Plant SeaTrees

In 2019 Awayco added a little tick box at checkout that said “Plant a SeaTree” and explained that SeaTrees is an extension of non-profit Sustainable Surf that aims to restore coastal ecosystems that trap CO2. Turns out, more than 30 percent of you were inspired to chip in, and earlier this year we transferred more than $3,000 to Sustainable Surf. As I type, they’re in remote Indonesia planting your trees.  

“The 3,000 mangrove trees that your members chose to plant have provided jobs to approximately 25 local people on Biak Island,” wrote Brett Giddings, sustainability services manager at Sustainable Surf. “Money donated not only goes to planting trees, but also employs forest guards to patrol the planted areas and ensure the trees have the maximum chance of reaching maturity and sequestering carbon.”

And speaking of carbon, that ‘Awayco forest’ will sequester at least 1,000 tons over the estimated lifespan of the trees (25 years) and likely a lot more – as mangroves in Indonesia are incredibly effective at storing carbon.”

Sprouting tree

CO2, of course, is a greenhouse gas that helps the earth stay cozy by capturing the sun’s heat close to our planet. Without it, according to this website made for six year olds, the “earth would be frozen solid.” The issue, of course, is that by doing the things that we mindlessly do on earth — like traveling in planes — we make way too much CO2, and the earth is getting too hot. 

Our options? Travel less. That’s the best one, but not always realistic. 

If you must travel (and let’s use the word “must” loosely here), another option is to offset your flight by planting SeaTrees to mop up all the CO2 you puked into the atmosphere. We invite you to keep donating when you book a board on Awayco, or you can cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. Either way, we’re inspired and grateful for your support. 

Note: We were in Denver last week for Outdoor Retailer and, while attending a panel hosted by our local partner, Patagonia, we learned about the concept of imperfect advocacy. The idea is that you don’t need to be perfect, or carbon neutral, to advocate on behalf of our planet. I’m not perfect. Awayco’s not perfect. Carbon offsets aren’t perfect. You? Well, you’re close, but not quite perfect, either. In the end, though, it’s better to have an earth filled with striving hypocrites than to have no earth at all. 

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