Local Knowledge

How to Surf on Oahu

Four coastlines. Four swell directions. Though Oahu isn’t the largest island in the Hawaiian chain, it certainly has the widest variety of  setups, capable of

San Diego

How to Surf in North County San Diego

Beyond all the Anchorman references, traffic and suburban sprawl, San Diego remains one of California’s premier surf destinations. But because San Diego county has 70 miles

Bondi's Icebergs

How to Surf In Sydney

Navigating your way through Australia’s largest city can be intimidating, so we asked one of our favorite locals, former CT surfer and founding Awayco team

Surf Ericeira Portugal

How to Surf in Ericeira, Portugal

“The town is built on classic cobblestone streets with delicious bakeries and an interesting mix of travelers from all over the planet,” Awayco ambassador Anna

Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend’s Tips for Tahoe

Cody Townsend was the star quarterback at my high school. Bet you didn’t know that. At the end of each school week, when the Friday

Ocean Beach

How to Surf in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Rice A Roni, cold summers. San Francisco is famous for many things, and it’s only recently that you’re able to