Kye Petersen of Kye Shapes

Kye Petersen Shaper Profile

“If I can change in a positive way how people experience the mountains, that’s mission accomplished.” In this shaper profile, Kye Petersen, creator of Kye

Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend’s Tips for Tahoe

Cody Townsend was the star quarterback at my high school. Bet you didn’t know that. At the end of each school week, when the Friday

Flo Bastien

Flo Bastien and Friends in Visions

Flo Bastien was “born to be arrogant,” and it makes sense. He’s a professional skier with more style than you could shake a ski pole

Endless Winter Awayco

Endless Winter Chapter 3

Here’s how Nikolai Schirmer explains The Endless Winter project to people he meets on the bus: “It’s an experiment to see whether it’s possible for

Nikolai Schirmer Endless Winter

Endless Winter 3

Nikolai Schirmer is one of those guys that kinda irks me. Like, how can one person be so talented at so many things? The late-20s Norwegian