Nova Scotia

5 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations

Sure, your dream surf trip is probably a tropical destination with easy, perfect waves. But that’s everyone else’s dream, too. So, for those who prefer a

Endless Winter Awayco

Endless Winter Chapter 3

Here’s how Nikolai Schirmer explains The Endless Winter project to people he meets on the bus: “It’s an experiment to see whether it’s possible for

Max Tabor

A French fall

There is a large portion of the surfing population — the wisest among them, really — that associate fall with France. Awayco member Max Tabor

Reef McIntosh by Trevor Moran

Awayco Go: Hawaii

Hawaii lies 2,467 miles from Los Angeles and 5,100 miles from Sydney, thousands of miles that lead to a Pacific island chain not just rich

Ace and Ruby Buchan

Watch: Ace Buchan and Family in Portugal

Professional surf Ace Buchan travels the world with his wife, three children and all the katundu that comes with it. (“Katundu” means baggage in the African language Chichewa

Vlad Khadarin

Awayco Go: Balinese Freedom

Dasha Nosova and Vlad Khadarin are no strangers to last-minute strike missions. As a professional photographer (Dasha) and Olympic level snowboarder (Vlad), this power couple

SeaTrees in Indo

Trap your CO2, Plant A SeaTree

When you book a surfboard on Awayco, you may have noticed that you’re given the option to “Plant A SeaTree” at checkout. SeaTrees is an initiative from