Cody Townsend shares the only three skis you’ll ever need

The big-mountain man reviews his favorite Salomon QSTs

When we asked big-mountain skier and Awayco ambassador Cody Townsend to help our members choose their perfect three-ski quiver, he said, “Why do they have to pick only three? Isn’t that why we have Awayco?”

Smart ass.

Anyway, he agreed it’d be a fun exercise for anyone asking themselves, “What kind of skis should I ride today?” and picked three models from Salomon’s QST range that will take you from the powder to the park, up the bunny slopes and down Denali. You can demo these skis through Awayco affiliates like Tahoe Sports Hub and, with the never-ending winter continuing to drop snow in the northern Hemisphere, there might be time this season to try all three!

Salomon QST 118

“This is my powder ski. It’s 118 under foot, a lot of good float. It’s got rocker in the tip and the tail makes it really slarvy, super easy. But then what I really like about this ski is that it’s lightweight, and that just makes it easier to ski, which leaves you less fatigued at the end of the day. I’ve fallen in love with this as a powder ski.”

Salomon QST 99

“This is my resort shredder, the Salomon QST 99, it’s 99 underfoot. This shreds the groomers, goes throguh the moguls. Pretty much deals with any hard snow conditions really well. If I come home from a trip and just want to go make some laps on any given day at Squaw, I’m generally on this kind of ski. This particular QST has a sheet of metal in it so it’s got a lot of power, a lot of drive to it, really handles all conditions really well.“

Salomon QST 106

“My most versatile ski, the ski i use the most, which is the Salomon QST 106. I’ve been to the top of Denali with this, I ski groomers with this. I ski couliars with this. I ski powder — it does pretty much everything. It’s got a pretty tight radius so it really wants to turn for you when you’re on groomers, it’s got a wide nose and a narrower tail, it’s got a good camber profile, a lot of camber underfoot, makes it really strong under foot, holds an edge really well. And then a little bit of an early rise tail that just releases it little bit in powder. Overall it’s kind of a more traditional style ski updated with new technologies like basalt to dampen it, it’s got lightweight construction so it tours really well. I really love this ski for just about everything.“

Give them a whirl and let us know what you think. Oh! And if you make it up Denali, please send pics to @awayco_ 🙂

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