Endless Winter 3

Nikolai Schirmer is one of those guys that kinda irks me. Like, how can one person be so talented at so many things? The late-20s Norwegian is not only a professional skier, but an accomplished filmmaker, environmentalist, lawyer and — now this is the worst part — one hell of a nice guy. C’mon, Niko — can’t you spread some of that goodness around?

OK, to be fair, he is spreading it around.  With his latest project, Endless Winter, he’s sharing his story about trying to “ski better while slashing [his] emissions.” Which, for an athlete that’s usually CO2-legit-to quit globe trotting in the name of powder, it’s quite the goal. And he teaches the rest of us along the way. In the first two installments of Endless Winter, Nikolai explains that the more he chases snow, the more of it he melts and makes a short jaunt to Austria to absolutely send it. 

The teaser for the final chapter was just released (see above), with the full episode due for release on November 18. 

Think his skis look cool? Us too. Check out Black Crows on Awayco

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