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The future of e-commerce is "Anychannel." Customers want a seamless purchasing experience in-store, online, on social channels and in virtual retail environments. The Awayco solution makes this possible. Awayco helps our customers become and remain e-commerce leaders.

  • Optmise your e-commerce
    Link your POS with your website
  • Add a mobile application
    Launch a marketplace 
    Seamlessly layer offers like loyalty, promotions and subscriptions
    Integrate your financial system

Awayco Middleware, the conductor to your retail orchestra

  • Unify customer data
  • Single transaction record
  • Simplify financial reporting
  • Grow without adding complexity

Anychannel social, online, physical and affiliate

  • Update inventory in seconds
  • Unlimited categories, tags and set custom pricing templates
  • Support for wholesale and retail e-commerce 

Always on, easy to use

  • Simple interface for your staff so you can focus on serving customers
  • Automated reporting and dashboards
  • Metrics that matter without the noise

The future is “Retail 3.0”


US $27 Trillion Market by 2027. Consumers want to unify their physical, online and virtual lives and want to purchase and consume seamlessly on any device, in any channel.


US $2 Trillion Market by 2025: Sustainability and affordability conscious consumers living in crowded cities want to access products as an alternative to owning them, and recognise the need for the Planet to evolve into a more sustainable model based on conserving, not consuming, finite retail products.



US$757 Billion Market by 2026. Consumers are shifting behaviour from physical to online and then to virtual retail and want to inhabit, consume and populate their virtual worlds with retail products in digital form.

US $18 Billion Market by 2028Consumers identify with brands and experiences, and retailers who are able to capture repeat or relational behaviour rather than relying on single transaction customers winning in the new retail environment.

Plugs into however you do business.

Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Salesforce, Oracle, Mailchimp, Zendesk, YotPo, Klaviyo, Stripe, Braintree (you name it) – however you do business, we can work with your existing set-up.
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