How to Surf in Ericeira, Portugal

“The town is built on classic cobblestone streets with delicious bakeries and an interesting mix of travelers from all over the planet,” Awayco ambassador Anna Ehrgott said of Ericeira, Portugal. “I shared waves, meals and conversations with folks from England, New Zealand, Slovenia, Germany and Argentina. It’s a testament to how special Ericeira is. People from all over are drawn in.”

And while this World Surfing Reserve does boast a surfing-melting-pot type feel, Ericeira retains its Portuguese vibe, with whitewashed buildings, fresh seafood restaurants and breath-stealing views of the Atlantic. Which means it’s the type of place you can go solo, on a mates trip, or with your partner. 

For those interested in surfing in Ericeira, Magic Quiver is the hub for culture, crafts and community. It’s the kind of store you wish you had at the end of your street. Collectable surf literature lines wooden shelves, surrounded by rolls of locally made towels and art that isn’t for sale. Curious shapes run the length of the rear wall from Donald Brink, Chris Christenson, Travis Reynolds, Gary Mcneill Concepts and more, which you can demo on Awayco or purchase. Perhaps both. Magic Quiver reminds us of what shopping was like before the internet, where you could travel to distant places and buy things you could find there and nowhere else. 

Maybe that’s why it fits so well in Ericeira. A place where people come from all over to surf, share meals and explore, To be in a place like nowhere else. 


Fly into: Lisbon Airport
Drive from: Lisbon, 30 minutes; Peniche, 1 hour; Madrid, 6 hours   
Wetsuit: 4/3 
Best season for surf: September – November
Ideal swell direction: West-Northwest
Ideal wind direction: East
Ideal tide: Medium-Low
Exchange rate: $1 USD = $0.9 Euro
Budget for a long weekend: $500
Awayco location: Magic Quiver Ericeira
Ericeira Fun Fact: Ericeira is one of 11 internationally recognized World Surfing Reserves selected by the nonprofit Save The Waves.  



If you want to longboard
Check out Foz do Lizandro when it’s small. May we suggest this stunning  9’4 Mangiagli log? You’ll be trimming for days.

For intermediate surfers
There are plenty of spots. Pedra Branca is a fun beach break and, if you’re looking for some solitude, walk south for 10 mins and surf the reefs down there.

If you rip
Good for you! Coxos is the best spot around, on its day. And with the amount of swell this coastline gets, “its day” happens quite often.


Most of the waves work best on a mid tide. Best to be there for the low and surf it on the way up.

Car full of surfboards


Magic Quiver! If you go to the Surf Deli they serve coffee and lunch all day and the Awayco boards line the wall so you can check out what you want to surf on next time. Another option is to slide through Bowls Cafe on main street and get a cappuccino from their industrial-style Nespresso machine. Ok, so it’s Nespresso, but it does the job.

Where to Eat

In Portugal, seafood is the main choice, and Mar à Vista is an excellent option. Tik Tapas has some solid dishes and it’s helpful to reserve in advance. And Pizza Mobile might be the best pizza in town. 

Best place for a post-surf beverage

Hemingway’s is a popular evening club, specializing in gin. For something more low key, we recommend seafront Ribeira D’llhas Surf Restaurant and Bar


OK, so we’re biased, but the Magic Quiver Lodge is honestly something you need to consider. Coolest place to stay in town, hands down. 

The new Gig Capsule hostel in the center of town is worth checking out, too. It’s a Japanese pod concept that beats a backpackers hands down but costs the same (around $30). It’s clean and modern and is really affordable if you plan on staying around Ericeira for a while.

Car or no car?

Car for sure. Ericeira itself doesn’t have a lot of parking which can be a hassle but you really need wheels if you are going to check spots a few times a day.


Recommended viewing

If you want to get amped before surfing, look no further than Questionable Decisions. The first half features Albee Layer and Torrey Meister scoring in fun-sized waves around then, then terrifying ledges at the Cave with Nic von Rupp. 

What else do I need to know?

Ericeira’s breaks can get really good. When it’s on, use proper judgment and know your limits. Particularly on the low tide, you’re sure to see some exposed reef. Before you paddle out, know where the nearest emergency services are and how to contact them. 

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