I’ll Never Travel With Surfboards Again

“You work for Awayco?” he asked.

We’d just gone through security and he’d seen the >>CO sticker on my computer.

“I do.” I said.

I just used it in Jaco, it was an amazing experience.”

His name was Mike. We chatted on the plane back to San Francisco, and I got his story…

Mike runs a product design agency and works with software engineers in Costa Rica. After meetings last week, he booked a 6’4” Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto from CI Surfboards in Jaco, which he enjoyed because it was smaller than the 7’6″ fun board he had back home.

Mike had an “amazing experience.” Me? Not so much.

I took surfboards. Embarrassing, I know. But I went to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where our Awayco partner won’t be ready till November.

In bringing boards, I wasted $300 in baggage fees and more than an hour at check-in.

When we got through customs at SFO, I went to oversized luggage to wait for my boards, while Mike walked by with a carry on and a smile.

My boards didn’t come for an hour, and one was dinged — another $50 in repairs, easy.

I’ll never travel with boards again.

Oh — Mike wanted to say what’s up, by the way.

Look at him. So smug.

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