Is Awayco Perks For You?

For those times in life when you need great gear fast, Awayco Perks is for you. Photo: @tallteef


Awayco Perks is our latest package and it will save you money. 

Here’s the deal: $20/month gets you 25% off all of your bookings, 10% off purchases at Awayco partner locations, free 24-hour cancelation and more. 

Is it the plan for you? Here are a few instances where it would be…


Perks lets you book multiple items at once, and with the 25% discount applied to everything you reserve, it takes just one weekend a month with your partner, child or adventure buddy to make Perks the plan for you. Plotting a couple weekends a month of fun? You’re making money! Spend it on a present for your mom. She raised you so well.

You want the sampler platter 

We often tell people that Awayco is great to have the right gear for the day’s conditions. But what if you don’t know what the right gear is? Trying various pieces of gear not only allows you to spice things up, but gives you a true apples-to-apples comparison of what works for you in those conditions. So, if you book a few pieces of gear — even if it’s just for a day —  then Awayco Perks is for you. For a weekend or a longer trip? You’re laughing! Spend your savings on a foot massage. Your feet do so much for you. 


Let’s say you’re heading to Bali for a couple of weeks (you dog) and want a @cisurfboards Rocket 9 to paint an Uluwatu canvas like the one pictured above? As an Awayco Perks member, you’ll save $60. What you can do with those savings in a place like Bali is nearly limitless. But even after buying a present for your mom and a getting a foot massage, you’ll still have enough leftover to buy a stranger a large Bingtang or a few Pocari Sweats. 


Looking to buy a wetsuit or board from one of our partners (like Sunburnt Mess, pictured above)? Planning to stay at a resort that carries Awayco? Your 10% discount off hefty-priced hardware or a holiday escape could more than pay for 3 months of Perks in one fell swoop! You could use that savings to buy an extraordinary amount of baked goods at the local bakery. Share with strangers and turn those strangers to friends. Friends are the best. 

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