Meet: Kyle Siegel

He found us on Instagram, now he’s Awayco’s new product lead. Say Hello.

Kyle Siegel Awayco headshot
That’s Kyle!

AWAYCO: How did you first find out about Awayco?
I originally discovered Awayco on Cody Townsend’s Instagram.

How did it make you feel?
I was super stoked someone was creating something to let me experiment in finding the best gear to accompany me on my hobbies. I immediately tried to sign up for the beta.

You have worked at Space X, Snap Inc, and most recently left a job at The North Face to join us. What made you want to go from being an Awayco member to part of the team? Once I saw Awayco I knew it was a service that needs to exist. It solves a problem I experience frequently and there are currently no solutions to that problem. I can’t tell you the number of skis I have bought and sold to find the ones that fit my ski style.

Things are changing. Is the world ending?
Change causes variety and variety is the spice of life. The world might be ending, it might not, but if there was no change the world would be boring and who would care if it was ending or not.

We are becoming the tools of our tools. Agree?
Disagree. Steve Jobs once said something along the lines of computers are bicycles for the mind. I think the good tools follow that analogy and in that analogy, humans are leveraging the tools, not vice versa.

What is Awayco to you, like personally?
Awayco to me is the idea of breaking down the obstacles to do the sports I love.

What is your purpose at Awayco?
I am the Product Lead at Awayco. I’ll be building out the digital product to make sure there are no reasons for retailers and consumers not to use Awayco.

What do you want to see happen at Awayco? What’s your agenda?
I personally want to see the ski side of the business take off and Awayco to become the most seamless way to try the coolest products all over the world.

Kyle Siegel skis powder
Kyle skis, too. Like, really well 🙂

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