Meet: Marshal Olson

Awayco’s Commercial VP and resident gas pedal pusher brings vision, passion and retail savvy to A growing team

In business and in biking, Marshal don’t need no brakes.

When Marshal Olson — the thoughtful and energetic business veteran from Cottonwood Heights, Utah — officially joined Awayco as its Commercial VP, he wrote this on his LinkedIn:

“The catch with physical product companies is that “growing” means making more stuff to sell. With limits on resources and WTP [Willingness To Pay] from customers, is that a long term strategy? 
The reality is most goods over $200 are not used every day, and as such, there is a finite addressable market and WTP for these products. What if there was another way? 
What if we prioritized profitability and sustainability over production volume? What if companies could, in addition to “make->sell->exit” as a single transaction, participate in the use of the good over the life of the product? What if each good was used 300 times a year, instead of 20, with stores and brands seeing 10x the margin on each item? What if we complimented the message on “sustainable components” of disposable goods, by building a sustainable economy that encouraged participation from users, and delivered a better experience as well? 
THIS is the thinking my friends at Awayco bring, THIS is the purpose of their technology solution, and THIS is why I am proud to formally join their team.

And, as you can imagine, we’re proud to have him. Below are five questions from his on-boarding questionnaire. Surprise, surprise, he got them all right. 

Name: Marshal Olson
Sport of choice: Skis + Mtn Bikes
Started at Awayco: September 2018

  1. What were you doing before Awayco?
    20 years in outdoor/action sports as rep, retail manager/buyer, brand consultant
  2. Was there a moment that you knew Awayco was something special?
    Upon hearing from Chris Booth about his first trip in Portugal, riding three different boards from Magic Quiver, it sold me. The ease and access to the best gear, from the best retailers, in the best destinations really resonated with me… I could see a future of instant access anytime I didn’t have the gear I own with me!
  3. What’s the biggest professional challenge you’ve faced at Awayco?
    Awayco adds immense value to its Brand Partners, Retail Partners and Users, so wrapping my head around a 3-sided marketplace and how to truly connect everyone together in the best way took a little time and mind space.
  4. Why do you work at Awayco?
    For me it’s the energy of the store. Working with some of the best retailers in the world, with-whom I have worked previously in my career — such as Pine Needle Mountaineering and Crow’s Feet Commons is especially rewarding. 
  5. What product on Awayco would you most recommend to someone?
    The best part of being a user of Awayco is being able to try fun new things. For me it’s about the journey and learning all the little nuance in each item on the platform. It’s less about any specific product and most about getting into the mind of the designer and understanding what motivated them. That said, I could backcountry ski on the DPS LOTUS 124 TOUR 1 every day for the rest of my life and be happy.
Fun Fact:
Marshal also starred in the ’80s classic,
Harry and the Sendersons.

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