“Mindful Surfing” – Tanner Gudauskas’ San Francisco Awayco Experience

Tanner Gudauskas packed his dancing shoes instead of his surfboards. But upon landing in San Francisco to start a weekend of wedding festivities, he was greeted with sunshine, overhead surf and almost no wind. He had to get in the water. So Tanner ubered to the Outer Sunset and we proceeded to live out the How To Surf In San Francisco blog.

After an Avenues oat milk cappuccino, we Awayco’d a Danny Hess Traveler (for Tanner), and a Hess Bella (for me). Midway through our 2 hour session on an inside double up at Ocean Beach, we swapped boards. We traded back a few waves later.

“Riding the Bella was like swinging a baseball bat with a weight on it,” he said. “All of a sudden this Traveler feels like my Rocket Wide.”

Danny Hess Traveler on Awayco
Danny Hess Bella on Awayco

Of course, Tanner is loyal to Channel Islands for his daily equipment. But over a lingcod burrito at Hook Fish, he explained how nice it was to try something new. The unique feeling of the wood + carbon construction, the longer, wider outline.

“It’s just fun to ride something different,” he said.

I agreed. Because in pursuit of having the #hessdayever, I rode the Bella, a far cry from my everyday shortboard. Despite some duckdiving snags, I had a blast. Gliding into waves early, speeding over flat sections and drawing long, clean lines. It took me out of auto pilot and made me notice everything. Tanner described it as a “more mindful surfing,” a sentiment that I really appreciated. Tara Brach would, too.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. If you’re excited to try something new nearby, you know where to find us. 


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