Sweetwater’s Awayco Day

Just some Sharp Eyes, swell and some friends.

How’s that saying go? Iconic surf shop crews that surf together, stay together? Something like that. Anyway. Newly minted Awayco Partner, Wrightsville Beach’s Sweetwater Surf Shop (locally owned since 1976) takes this sentiment to heart. During a recent pulse of swell to North Carolina shores, ex-CTer Ben Bourgeois and shop manager Spencer Lem Awayco’d some boards from their stock and took a quick trip near home. Below are some photos they shared.

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s off to surf we go.
Sweetwater Surf Shop’s Spencer Lem loads up a Sharp Eye Disco (for Benny B to ride).
There’s Benny B, now!
Sweetwater Surf Shop manager Spencer Lem on the 5’8 Sharp Eye Modern 2.5.
Ben, Disco on the dance floor.
The takeaway? “Fishy characteristics with a shortboard response,” Spencer says. “I loved it.”


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