The Surfboard That’s Saving Us

(This is a true story.)

On December 16, 2017 at just after 2pm, a very special Haydenshapes was born into the Awayco family. It was 5’11” x 20 ⅛” x 2 9/16” and tipped in at 33.15 liters. The name? “Untitled”, and it was beautiful.

This Untitled found its home in San Francisco, first at Awayco HQ, then later at Avenues SF, a coffee shop just down the road. The board – ah! – it was beloved by all, a shining example of how it could help change the world.

Here are just a few notes from its journey over the past 20 months.

24 people have surfed this board 97 times.

It’s seen on-shore Saturday afternoons and crisp winter mornings. It’s reached the beach by foot, car, Lyft and even train. The Untitled has also taken part in 31 missed takeoffs, 56 bog-rails, 3 almost-landed air-reverses and around 210 day-making waves.

But here’s where it did something really special.

Making this board generates 176kg of Co2, according to Decarbonated.

If all of these users bought their own Untitled that would have created 4.22 tonnes of Co2.

Together, this board saved 4.04 tonnes of Co2.

This board also supported 223 encounters at local retailers and sold 108 cups of coffee at Avenues SF, fostering community interaction all the while.

And the little bugger is still going!

Just a few days ago, the Untitled was reserved — for 3 straight weeks.

Through sharing this beautiful board, the Untitled has shown us how we can reduce our footprint on the planet by permitting ourselves to feeling something new, on something borrowed, in something blue.

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