Trap your CO2, Plant A SeaTree

When you book a surfboard on Awayco, you may have noticed that you’re given the option to “Plant A SeaTree” at checkout. SeaTrees is an initiative from non-profit Sustainable Surf which helps you correct your negative CO2 impact by backing projects that support coastal ecosystems and sequester carbon emissions. Because — news flash — traveling, especially by plane, is really bad for the planet. 

“Any type of travel, as well as the equipment that I’m using for my surfing, has an impact on the environment,” said 2x Big Wave World Champion Greg Long. “For years, I’ve been searching for a way to reverse those impacts, as I know it is unquestionably my responsibility to do so.”

SeaTrees is his chosen solution. It’s ours, too. Wanna get involved? Make a donation during your next Awayco booking — or right now.

AWAYCO: For someone that’s never heard of it — what is SeaTrees? 

SUSTAINABLE SURF: SeaTrees allows brands and individuals to directly support projects that plant and protect coastal ecosystems; think mangrove and kelp forests, seagrass, coral reefs, and watersheds. These ‘blue-carbon’ projects are incredibly effective at sequestering carbon emissions, while providing sustainable employment for local communities and creating critical habitat for all sorts of animals.

We vet all of the projects that we work with to ensure that they are of the highest quality and address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. After launching in June 2019 with four projects around the world, our community has already helped plant more than 60,000 mangrove trees and sequestered 20,000 metric tons of CO2.

I love it. How can I get involved? 

Sustainable Surf is all about inspiring people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our other programs, like the ECOBOARD Project, provide people with a direct onramp to make more sustainable choices. We want people to make smart decisions, but we also want ocean-lovers to continue to enjoy the ocean. This often means traveling, which inherently comes with a high carbon footprint. The best way for individuals to get involved is to ‘wipe-out’ that footprint on our website. With a few clicks of a button, you can choose to wipe-out your latest flight, or, if you feel inclined, wipe-out your annual climate footprint.

I just donated $10. Where does it go?

If someone chooses to wipe out the impact of their next short flight (which costs $10), most of that money is used to plant mangrove trees in Indonesia and protect a ridge-to-reef watershed in Cambodia. We also use some of the funds to audit and assess existing and new SeaTrees projects like kelp reforestation in California and a new coral project we’re working on in Tahiti.

Sustainable Surf is a registered non-profit. We’ve been around for 10+ years and all of our financials are publicly available.

What are you guys currently working on? 

SeaTrees launched with four projects with local partners, and have several more we expect to go live in the first half of 2020:

  • Mangrove planting and protection on Biak Island, Indonesia
  • Reef-to-ridge forest protection in the Southern Cardamom Forest, Cambodia
  • Kelp reforestation in Southern California
  • Mangrove planting and protection in Myanmar
SeaTrees in Biak Island Indonesia

How’s this partnership with Awayco working out so far?

Awayco was the first brand to start ‘planting SeaTrees at checkout.’ In a very short period, thousands of your members have chosen to plant a SeaTree when Awayco’ing boards. That not only proves that surfers want to make a positive impact, but it helps us to sign up new brand partners wanting to do the same. You could say that every SeaTree planted by Awayco to date has helped to plant three or four additional SeaTrees. We’re stoked!

Thanks to Michael and Brett from Sustainable Surf for the interview, and fine work. Click here to donate to SeaTrees.

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